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Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI) is a measurement of heat differential  which is used for early detection of breast disease. It is a noninvasive diagnostic procedure which does not involve body contact, radiation or pain.  Thermography was first used in 1957 and  was FDA approved in 1982.  Medical Centers and Clinics have used thermography for a variety of diagnostic purposes since 1970. 
It is vital for you, as a woman, to take responsibility for your health.  Statistics show that 15% of all breast cancers occur between the ages of 20 and 44. Women who have a strong family history of breast disease are at greater risk for breast cancer but 75% of all women who develop breast cancer have NO family history of the disease. Breast cancer is a 15 to 20 year disease process. Breast Thermography enables you to detect breast disease 8 to 10 years before other conventional methods.
Early detection of breast disease will allow you to make the best choices for your treatment.
DITI Age Guidelines:
  • 20 years               DITI Initial Scan
  • 20 to 30 years      DITI Scan every 3 years
  • 31 years and        DITI Scan every year
How to Prepare for Thermography:
  • Do not exercise 4 hrs. prior to the exam
  • Do not use deodorant, powders, antiperspirants, creams, or lotions before the scan
  • No sunbathing 10 days prior to scan
  • Avoid any extreme hot or cold therapies before your scan
  • Thermography should be scheduled five days after menstruation
What You Can Expect During the Procedure:
  • Fill out a health history questionnaire.
  • You will be asked to disrobe and put on a patient gown, remove shoes, socks and all jewelry
  • Cool down in a 20 to 22 degrees Celsius room for 15 minutes
  • A series of scans will be performed at different angles
  • Cool your hands in water for a short time and another series ("Stress Series") of scans will be done.  Putting the hands in the cool water produces a neurological response in the breast which cools them.
Standardized protocols are followed when measuring and interpreting Breast Thermography Studies.  All images are stored in the computer and are available for future comparison studies.  A written doctor's report will be sent to you after the scans are reviewed. If significant thermal asymmetry is present, you may be referred for further testing.
Additional wellness services available upon request:
  • DITI Full or partial Body Thermography  
  • Detox Footbaths
  • Proper Food Combining Counseling & Weight Loss Program
  • Colon Hydrotherapy sessions
  • Cleansing Protocols
  • Young Living Essential Oils Consultant
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